Transports to start place at the morning of Jyväskylä Ski Marathon

We organize transportation from Spa Hotel Peurunka to the bth start places Vaajakoski and Huhtasuo. In addition, transportation is organized from finish (Peurunka) back to Jyväskylä. Please remember to book your transportation in the registration process (there is a form for this) when you register to the race. Transportation costs 5 €/person (one-way). Payments only in cash at the bus.

Timetable for bus transportation:

klo 7.00 Peurunka-Vaajakoski (to the 50K classic style start)
klo 9.30 Peurunka-Vaajakoski (to the 50K free/skate style start)
klo 8.30 Peurunka-Huhtasuo (to the 30K classic style start)
klo 11.00 Peurunka-Huhtasuo (to the 30K free/skate style start)