COVID-19 instructions

Organizing of Jyväskylä Ski Marathon will be continued as planned. What comes to snow conditions, the tracks are covered with 20cm to 30cm of snow thoroughly and forecasts show us even more snow in recent weeks! The corona situation, as it´s today, allows us to organize the event, while we have to follow safety instructions of the goverment and local authorities. We will follow the development of Covid-19 situation and co-operate with officials.

The corona situation and the restrictions of authorities cause as some chanllenges what comes to organizing Jyväskylä Ski Marathon 2021. Despite this, the arragements will continue and the goal is to keep the event as planned.

The current restrictions apply to events with audience. If all the participants have a skiing license, Jyväskylä Ski Marathon will be a race rather than event. There for, we require a skiing license or a pass from our participants. If you have Euroloppet passport or a Finnish skiing license, you are good to go!

If you don´t have a Finnish social security number, the easiest way to participate is to get Euroloppet passport

We consider situation of Covid-19 in many aspects of our event planning. As a participant, please note following intructions according to Jyväskylä Ski Marathon:

  • Taking part in Jyväskylä Ski Marathon only healthy and without any symhtoms of sickness
  • Coronavirus recommendations of city of Jyväskylä:
  • Keep the safety distances minimum of 1,5 meters
  • Look after general hygiene instructions through out the whole race; hand hygiene, coughing et cetera.
  • We ask you to use facemask in our race office, start area and when visiting Peurunka. The organizer will offer facemasks at the finnish area.


  • The race office will take place in the shopping center Seppä. Book enought time for a visit and be prepared to line outside.


  • Equipment pick up right after the finnish area, considering the safety distances
  • If possible, avoid equipment preservation


  • 50 km and 30km
  • Own starts for race series following safety distances, other series will start nonstop


  • The service points will expanded for longer distance to avoid crowding.


  • Safety will be taken into account, no services at the finish area
  • Big tenst for changing clothing
  • The dining will be orgized in Peurunka dining areas according to safety limits.

Check the recent safety instructions from this site! Thank you for understanding!