Jyväskylä Ski Marathon 2020 attracts Swiss and Italian skiers

Euroloppet races are an excellent way to get to know to new places, make new friends and get lifelong memories. We spotted in our early registrations a group of ten people from Switzerland and Italy registered to our next year’s race -and asked their spokesperson Giuliano Greco how they found our race and how has their summer and autumn training gone so far.

Can you tell a bit how you found Jyväskylä Ski Marathon long-distance race?

We found this race on the Internet by browsing the Euroloppet site and this led us to write about it as it is often a guarantee of excellent organization.

This year it is time for the Jyväskylä Ski Marathon and therefore for the third time after Finlandia Hiihto and Vuokatti Hiihto we return with great pleasure to Finland.

Guiliano (left) and Marco

Can you tell a bit of your background to cross-country skiing?

I’m 48 and live in the south of Switzerland. In my life I have always played sports, being born on the slopes of the San Gottardo. I started playing Hockey on the local Ambrì-Piotta team starting at age 3 and reaching important goals until the age of 19 when unfortunately due to of an accident during military service interrupted my professional hockey career.

Even as a child I started to practice cross-country skiing with family and parallel to hockey are the sports that I have always practiced consistently.

After high school, I decided to pursue university studies in biology abroad, for 6 years I lived in Italy where I met Alfredo who later became a great friend of mine. Alfredo who until then had practiced exclusively alpine skiing gradually approached cross-country skiing and with him we had the first races in the Alps (Engadin Skimarathon, La Sgambeda and Marcialonga).

After leaving school for some years we lost sight of each other and when we resented him he informed me that he had known a sports club near where he lived (Brescia, northern Italy) in which there was a section dedicated to cross-country skiing.

In Finland

How did you start going to Euroloppet and other long-distance skiing events? 

In 2008, together with my colleague Marco, a great cross-country skiing enthusiast, we decided to meet for a dinner with Alfredo and other members of Polisportiva Vobarno, a deep friendship was born immediately, and we became the first two Swiss members of the company.

Since then we have joined them in most of the races on the Alps and annually with a group of a dozen friends of the team we go abroad for a race, with time other Swiss athletes have also joined the POL and we can say that the cross-country skiing section is also a bit Swiss.

In these years we have been in Finland, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, … where we have participated in the most important national popular Skimarathon. For us it is a small vacation that we dedicate to our favorite sport.

Clearly for us the queen of all the races is the Marcialonga for which we can boast in our team, and will come with us next March in Finland, Odillo Piotti (born in 1943) who is a ”Senator” of the Marcialonga (he has participated and concluded all 45 editions).

Ski Marathon in Czech

My final question -how has your training been? 

As far as training is concerned, I can definitely say that I am not the team’s top athlete, unfortunately due to work and family I can devote no more than 6-8 hours a week to training. My expectations are therefore those of completing the race and above all having fun. But surely some of my companions will aim at ranking results.

We warmly thank you for the interview and are eagerly waiting to host you and your group in Jyväskylä Ski Marathon in Finland 7.3.2020!

Written by Heikki Karjaluoto, Jyväskylä Ski Marathon

Photos: Giuliano Greco 

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